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Why Should You Join?

Who Are Our Members?

ENAS is a Networking and professional development organisation for staff working in the delivery of Sport & Physical Activity in Higher Education Institutions across Europe. Membership is available to Higher Education Institutions to cover all their staff working in the area. Members come from across the geographical area of Europe, to share good practice, learn from each other, and attend education and training events, all with the purpose of improving and enhancing the quality of service, and the range of activities and programmes delivered to the students and staff within our institutions. Anyone involved in the delivery or organisation of sport and physical activities for their students, can benefit from being a member, and are encouraged to join.

Member Benefits

There are a number of benefits for Institutions considering becoming a member of ENAS. ENAS is recognised by the EU Sport Unit, as being the representative organisation for Higher Education Sport & Recreation Services, and regularly seek the views of ENAS on policy and best practice recommendations for the sector. ENAS can represent your views in determining future policy for the sector in Europe. As well as being the voice of University Sport in Europe, ENAS also offers members the following specific benefits:

  • Opportunities and specific events for networking with European colleagues

  • A discount on the fees for attending the Annual ENAS Forum, for all institutional staff

  • Educational events for staff at all levels, and in all areas of the service

  • A website with access to resources, and member interaction opportunities

  • A portal for promoting your events and activities across the sector

  • Access to regular benchmarking information and ideas bank

  • Access to supplier and sponsor contacts and special member rates

  • Access to the ENAS database and member connections

  • Support for Project development, application, collaboration and endorsement

  • Financial support for inter-university staff exchange visits

  • Regular news and sector updates

Become An ENAS Member

The best way to get involved with ENAS is to attend the Annual Forum event, held in November each year. This is the main event of the ENAS calendar, and gives potential members the opportunity to fully appreciate the educational and networking opportunities available to you. By becoming an ENAS member in advance of attending the Forum, there is an immediate discount on the Annual Forum fee, for each attendee. It’s best to talk to members from your own country (hopefully there are some existing members you may know) or you’re very welcome to contact our Development Manager via officer@enas-sport.net to make further enquiries about the membership.

If you would like to apply to become an ENAS member, please complete the membership application form



126 members • 21 countries

Membership Invoicing Terms and Policy

The ENAS Membership year is the Calendar year from 1st January to 31st December.

Membership becomes due on 1st January unless the member has cancelled by 31st December in the previous year. Invoices are not normally issued until March in the membership year.

The name and the address on the Membership invoice will be the name and address which has been supplied to ENAS on the application form, and which is held securely in the official ENAS database. The e-mail address the invoice is sent to, is also the e-mail address that will

be in the official database. If there are any changes to the Invoice address, it is the duty of the ENAS member to provide the Secretary General with the correct data as soon as possible.

ENAS members are obliged to pay the ENAS membership fee each year within 30 days of the date on the invoice which the ENAS treasurer sends by e-mail.

A member of ENAS that doesn’t pay the membership fee within 30 days of the date on the invoice will receive one reminder by e-mail.

If a member of ENAS fails to pay the membership fee after the reminder e-mail is sent by the ENAS Treasurer, this member will then be excluded by the ENAS Executive Committee not earlier than 2 months after the reminder e-mail has been sent.

A member or excluded member of ENAS that still has any outstanding debt with ENAS, is not allowed to attend the ENAS forum.

An excluded member of ENAS that still has debt with ENAS, can only re-join as a member of ENAS again once they have paid the outstanding debt.

If a member of ENAS doesn’t send a formal notification by email to the Secretary General of ENAS before 31st of December with the request to withdraw membership for the coming year, the membership will be continued for another year with the obligation to pay the membership fee for that year.