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The European Network of Academic Sports Services (ENAS) is an association of higher education sports offices in Europe. It is a non-governmental, international alliance with a common interest in the promotion of higher education sport and physical activity. ENAS was founded in 1997 in Chambéry, France and currently has over 120 members from 21 countries in Europe.

University sports in Europe is organised differently in each country. This diversity makes it important to have common goals. ENAS is the organisation which achieves this for Academic Sports Services.

Sport is an integral part of university life. It promotes the social, mental and physical well-being of our students. it contributes to the university education mission by teaching life long learning skills such as team work, leadership and community values. It helps attract, recruit and retain students, and helps to stay connected with Alumni. Sport also celebrates talent, excellence and achievements. Our network fosters the development of ‘sport for all’ in our universities.

With a target group of several million students and thousands of academic sport services employees, ENAS can be an integrative element for the European movement. Our organisation works alongside key partners, to provide opportunities for its members to share experiences to assist in their development.


Representing and promoting the importance of University sport.


To be the leading network for University sport development recognised for inspiring innovation and sharing best practice.


  • To develop communication between Academic Sport Services.
  • To encourage the mobility of professionals involved in student sport.
  • To share knowledge, exchange ideas and experiences.
  • To promote and provide networking opportunities for University sports professionals.
  • To support members in their efforts to increase profile and added value of student sport.

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