In the final week before the start of the winter semester, Dr Andrea Altmann (Head of UniSports of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena) invited Mr. Henri ten Klooster (Wageningen University & Research; WUR) for a staff exchange in October under the Erasmus Agreement. Henri is Head of the University Sports Centre of WUR.

The aim of this staff exchange was to compare the strategic plans of the Friedrich Schiller University and WUR, to see in which way these can be used to obtain more awareness and/or more contribution to student sports.

In the meetings with staff members of all divisions of the UniSport department on Thursday October 11 and Friday October 12 the organisational structure of both institutes were compared and ways were looked for in which they could influence each other.

A topic that was raised on this occasion was the concept of an annual ‘Introduction to Sports’ day for all students, like in Wageningen. The goal would be to have all the first year students at in the sports centre at least once before the start of the academic year; an excellent opportunity to introduce teachers and trainers through clinics and a platform for the student sports associations.

Furthermore, there was a lively discussion about the pros and cons of the different systems of registration. At the WUR sports centre you have to register for all classes – every week – that are not related to student sport associations where you have a membership and team trainings. In Jena, subscription is for a single class for the whole semester in which your place is guaranteed.

The goal in Wageningen is to serve as many people as possible and to have a 100% full complement. In Jena, the choice is made for the one-time registration to make it easy for the students, but there certainly is a lower complement during the whole period.

What do you prefer?

Also interested in a staff exchange? Contact the exchange office of your university and find out what possibilities there are! Alternatively, contact us here at ENAS and we can advise on how to take part.

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