On 17th of April 2020, an informal online meeting of Portugal University Sports Services was held to discuss how university sport is changing during the global quarantine. The meeting served to discuss best practices that each higher education institution is adopting in its sports services to keep students and the staff active and healthy.

The call was attended by 16 participants, including the ENAS Secretary General Mr Bruno Almeida and the ENAS National Representative for Portugal in ENAS Mr Sérgio Pereira, who also wrote this text for the ENAS website.

This is a list of the conclusions that the participants shared:

First of all, it is very important to keep in touch with our students / staff, because we are a vehicle of inspiration and motivation, an important mechanism to overcome this situation.

Second, it is an opportunity to improve and accelerate digital services, which will be an essential tool. In future, our customer will probably be more interested in looking for this type of service.

Third, because it is free, we need to be able to collect effective data from digital platforms, because this information is essential to understand whether our product is being successful

Fourth, currently in university sports services we provide free sports content on digital platforms, but we believe in the individualization of the content, as this can generate a financial return.

Fifth, in Portugal, e-games are not a a big thing for university sports services. But within the current context we believe that it is a unique opportunity to start implementing e-games as a valuable service for our services.

Finally, we all agreed that it is very important to be prepared for the post-crisis as we need a structured and organized setting for the reopening, always respecting the instructions of the authorities.