In collaboration with Universal Fitness Innovation and Transformation (UFIT), ENAS recently held a two-day event focussed on educating people on the importance of inclusivity and how best to achieve it in your facility.

The event was held in Tralee, Ireland and there were eight universities across five countries represented.

Over the course of the two days, presentations were given to the delegates on a wide variety of topics including: sustainable development goals, UFIT and their goals, ‘universability’ and making your club reflect your community.

There was also an opportunity for the delegates to view a class taken by participants in Institute of Technology Tralee’s Adapted Physical Activity program.

Our delegates were able to watch the interaction between the trainers and their athletes as well as take part in some of the games that were created to allow people with specific impairments take part.

At the end of the ENAS Experience, delegates were also given the option of signing the Marseille Declaration.

The Marseille Declaration encourages all those within the fitness sector to commit to transform the industries practices to enable the full participation of people with disabilities in the fitness sector.

Overall, the delegates enjoyed their time in the southwest of Ireland with the food and local musicians a particular highlight.

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