ProSafeSport+ have released a new training kit to help with the prevention of and reaction to situations of potential sexual violence against children and young people in sport.

The full toolkit, which can be found here, has an array of resources which are useful for organisations and institutions of all sizes.

The information is separated into headings such as: Facts and Figures, Legal and Regulations, Protecting Victims, Preventing Sexual Violence and Education and Raising Awareness.

This toolkit is something that all sports institutions and organisations should have implemented and we hope that it will encourage our members to ask themselves how their institution combats sexual violence in a sports setting?

ProSafeSport was initially set up in 2014/15 with the goal of promoting a safe and healthy environment for young athletes.

It was then succeeded by ProSafeSport+ in 2017 which turned the main focus to preventing sexual violence against children in sport.

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