Active Campus Europe (ACE)

Active Campus Europe (ACE) is designed as a sustainable collaboration with the aim to promote health-enhanching physical activities within university setting in Europe. 16 partner universities from 7 countries intend to create through ACE a role model for the University setting in Europe.
The collaborative activities of ACE focus on three main activities:
1. The identification of good practice models for sports and health enhancing physical activities for (non-active) students. The impact of the practices identified and applied through the local ACE partners will be collected and published in a Best Practice Handbook.
2. Identification and elaboration of a common, but locally executed common intervention with the aim to increase physical activities into sustainable higher day-to-day participation through collaboration with local stakeholders.
3. Sharing of experience beyond the collection of Best Practice in structured network meetings and workshops will identify the highlights of the best practice models to be published in a handbook. Evaluation of the common intervention programs will  help to approve the meaning and relevance of the shared experience. The personal shared experience shall help to go on working in a sustainable network.
Overview about partners:
Facts and figures*
University data
* Data from winter semester of 13/14; numbers of students and staff members representing only the listed university. ACE partners actually reach even a bigger target group because some Academic Sport Services include members of cities universities of applied science additionally.


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July 30, 2018

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