ENAS is looking to respond to the European Commission 2019 Call for Proposals on Exchanges and Mobility which is due to be published by the end of May. We are aware of a number of interested partner Universities, but we are specifically putting out a call for a University who wants to LEAD the project consortium.

Over the past months we have spoken to various ENAS members, about mobility/ exchange opportunities. On basis of this, we have been able to establish that there is a clear need of more knowledge exchange between coaches in University sport all over Europe. This is why ENAS would like to support the establishment of a project consortium and linked exchanges on this topic under the working title ‘Campus Coaches’. Find the project outline below.

[!] UK response to this request will not be considered because of Brexit [!]

Are you interested in being the lead institution for this project proposal?  Please get in touch as soon as possible via officer@enas-sport.net and before Monday 27 May 2019 to allow enough time to plan for the application.

More information:

2019 Call for partners - ENAS

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