The infograph below shows how ENAS looks to benefit HEI sport by its involvement in the European context.


ENAS continues to work on the three EU Expert Groups (EU XG): Good Governance (GG), Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) and Human Resource Development in Sport (HR). We are using this platform to highlight and profile the importance of University Sport.

We are currently working on the following topics:

  • Volunteering in sport:
  • Contribution of sport to the employability of young people


  • Guiding principles relating to democracy, human rights and labour rights, in particular in the context of the awarding procedure of major sport events.
  • Recommendations or guidelines on gender equality in sport followed by a pledge board.


  • Coordination of the implementation of the Council Recommendations on HEPA.

Our influence can be seen in first publication by the HEPA XG: “Recommendations to encourage physical education in schools, including motor skills in early childhood, and to create valuable interactions with the sport sector, local authorities and the private sector.” Click here to read the full document.


If you have a Best Practice example in any of the topics mentioned above, please download the template using the button below and send your ‘Best Practice’ projects and events to margo@enas-sport.net.

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