As presented at our 2013 Conference, Ms. Pika Radmilovic received the title of Honorary Member.  Most may be aware, but Pika has been involved with ENAS for many years, as a member of the Executive Committee (8 years!) and one of its earliest members, and if was decided that her effort, fun and positive nature were forever recorded in our young Network.
Pika was also the organiser of the Maribor Conference, and made several actions to help ENAS to understand the ECTS programmes, and specifically, its relation to University Sport Services.And was a smart decision because she organized in maribor our annual conference, made several action to help us to understand ECTS programmes and its relation with Sport Services.
It is my pleasure and it is an honour for ENAS to invite PIKA RADMILOVIC to receive formally the honorary status.

Congratulations, Pika!
Duarte Lopes

Message from Pika

Dear ENAS Family, I am really honoured and it means a lot to me that I have received this award. I hope this does not mean that I am old enough to retire but that you will allow me to work some more and help contribute to the development of university sport also from my new position.

A few more words that I would like to share with you:

It has been 10 years since I have first entered this mysterious circle of trust. It was in Groningen, where Gerro made us use bikes to visit his sport centre and we almost blocked all traffic in the city. It was a bit scary and confusing at the beginning – almost no female participants but one tall, strange man looking like a Viking claiming to be a member of a famous Amundsen family. Then there was another big man who claimed to be a Gallic football hero in Ireland and there was a group of smaller, cute but very, very shy men from Portugal who just wanted to have fun. On the other end there were three elegant but more serious men, like three musketeers they worked so well together – Peter, Marco and Joao.

All mentioned and many more members encouraged me continually to help raise the Enas family. It was ten wonderful years with all of you. You have enriched my life and help me grow, so I thank you for that and I hope that we stay in touch for many, many years…

Pika Radmilovič

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