ENAS Member Engagement Opportunities


ENAS is very much a member organisation, run by the members for the members. There are numerous ways in which members can get more involved in the work of ENAS, and this page highlights some of the main / more obvious ways in which members can be more involved.

We will be developing this section in the near future to provide more specific information for each of the member engagement opportunities, but if you see anything on the list below, and you’d like more information, please do not hesitate to contact the ENAS Development Manager.


Individual Opportunities

  • National Representative – Promote ENAS on a National level / Advise EC on themes of National / Member interest
  • EC Committee –  Contribution to the development of ENAS
  • ENAS Ambassador – Support the EC via working for a special topic or representing ENAS in a project or event
  • Expert – Support and knowledge sharing between members
  • Committee Work Group – Support the EC via working for a special topic contributing to EC Action Plan goals.
  • Student Internship – Support the ENAS office

Institutional Opportunities

  • Host an EC Meeting – Building contacts in the local area, helping a University highlight the importance of University Sport
  • Host an Experience – Members benefits via offering staff development and knowledge sharing opportunities
  • Host the annual Forum and GA – Host the ENAS Forum and General Assembly at your institution 


For more information contact officer@enas-sport.net

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