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Introducing the National Representatives

In each country, a National Representative serves as an extra link between the ENAS EC and the ENAS membership. For a detailed task description and more info, look at the document below.


Task Description




Our current National Representative are:

Belgium University of Liège Clijsters, Jos
Croatia University of Zagreb Šimenc, Iva
England (UK) University of Keele Dale, Angela
Estonia TTK University of Applied Sciences Sildeberg, Tarmo
Finland UniSport Helsinki Syväoja, Marika
France University of Lille Carlier, Jean-Marie
Germany University of Bochum Lenze, Ines
Greece Patheon University Athens Roussos, Christos
Israel Tel Aviv University Sports Carmi, Shella
Italy Territoria Research Centre Bellistracci, Elena
Ireland University College Dublin Mullins, Brian
Lithuania   Kuktaite, Raminta
Malta University of Malta Riolo, Ivan
Netherlands Radboud University Nijmegen Cuppen, Rob
Northern Ireland (UK) University of Belfast Elizabeth Mc Laughlin
Norway Sit Sports Trondheim Blokkum, Tore
Portugal   Pereira, Sérgio
Romania   Abalasei, Beatrice
Scotland (UK) University of Stirling (Chair) Gallagher, Cathy
Spain University of València  Miguel Ángel Torregrosa Cabrera
Switzerland   Moergeli, Thomas
Wales (UK)

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