ENAS is delighted to introduce our new communication officer: Toni Hannan. In her role, Toni will be managing the communication and supporting both the EC members and the ENAS Development Manager. In this post, we asked Toni a couple of questions.

Tell us a bit about yourself!
“I live in London (United Kingdom). My background is in graphic design and I work full time at Middlesex University in London in my role as Design, Marketing and Commincations manager. A demanding but enjoyable role which sees me utilise a variety of my professional and personal skills.”

Apart from communication, what are your interests?
I’m and active person with a varied spectrum of interests. In my spare time I like to keep fit by going to the gym. I also enjoy motorcycling and last year organised a trip to ride motorcycles off road around Cambodia. This year I have managed a few trips around the UK and plan on a trip to Spain later this year. I also run a YouTube channel to help fellow bikers with bike related issues called ‘Toni Reviews’.


What are some creative activities you really enjoy?
Creatively I enjoy photography and videography. I make videos and trailers to help promote activities and events we run at the university, and in my personal time I enjoy making videos of my adventures. You can view my Cambodia trip as well as others on my Vimeo channel at https://vimeo.com/267197528 . I also enjoy street photography and playing with natural light. You can view some of my images on my Instagram channel at www.instagram.com/Tonihannan.


What will be your role within the ENAS family? 

My role within the ENAS family is to help support  communications whether it be to look at strategy, to engage our audience, or to provide content from graphics, to video, website or written comms. You may see me floating about with a camera, or maybe even flying a drone. If you do pass me come and say hi. I’m always up for a good chat

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