Koen Schobbers, Dutch e-sports athlete and medical student was proudly added to the speaker line-up for the 2019 ENAS Forum in Trento taking place between 5 and 8 November 2019.

Koen Schobbers is the first Dutch esports athlete to receive a Topsport Status in order to combine his Medical study with his esports career. He nowadays runs his own company called ‘Koenz’ focussing on education, consultancy and hosting. He has worked with companies like Vodafone, Spinnin’ Records and KIA, hosts a TV show on FOX-Sports and gives presentations and workshops to parents and children.

His contribution will be as a keynote speaker on the e-sports topic and following panel discussion on e-sports in a University sport context. The main question tackled in the panel discussion will be if and how e-sport can contribute to the mission of University sports to raise overall physical activity levels. We think this topic will spark a great deal of discussion and look forward to hear your opinion during the session. To make this happen, we will count on our Evenium app to create additional interaction.

More about Koen: visit his website

More about the ENAS Forum and about the other speakers: visit the #ENASTrento2019 page

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