University of Jena looks for challengers for a healthy and sustainable campus!

The University of Jena is taking part in the second international Academic Bicycle Challenge (ABC). The ABC is a new app-based bicycle challenge especially designed for academic institutions and their staff members and students. The ABC 2019 is cost-free for all academic institutions and their staff and students. Each university is free to choose its month of participation between June and November.

We warmly invite your universities and colleges to participate in this great campaign as well.

As the first global cycling contest designed for academic institutions, the ABC playfully contributes to healthy exercise, sustainable mobility, and climate protection at institutions of higher education worldwide. By taking part, academic institutions are contributing to climate protection, gaining international visibility and the positive image of future-oriented cycling culture. As well they are promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle to students and employees. The ABC’s approach is about both, generating fun and having an impact collectively.

Implementing the ABC is simple: students and staff easily record their cycled trips with a free app. All achievements of your academic institution within the ABC, both individually and collectively, are shown in rankings. These are displayed in the app and on the ABC website and also allow for a global comparison of cycling activities among universities, academic disciplines, teams, and individuals.

Who will perform best? Do for instance biologists, lawyers or linguists cycle the most? Are lecturers, students or academic administration and support staff most active? Who’s the most active ENAS-university?

Please find further information about the challenge by following this link –

Take up the challenge!

Kind regards,

Andrea Altmann

Head of the University Sport Center Jena

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