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History of ENAS

ENAS has been in existence since 1997, and has grown and developed from an initial small group of institutions meeting informally and fairly sporadically, into an organisation with over 120 Institutional members from over 20 countries in Europe, a full time staff member, and delivery of an annual training and development programme including our Annual Forum . Since it’s establishment, there have been numerous individuals who have had an important influence on the growth and development of the organisation, and many of these individuals have been recognised for their contribution to the development of ENAS through the award of Honorary Membership.

Honorary Members are recognised formally on the occasion of the Annual Forum, and presented with a framed certificate, and a gold ENAS pin badge.

The Roll of Honorary members is detailed in the table below.



Title Name HE Institution Date of Award Year of Award Place of Award President Secretary General
Ms Andrée Delmas University of the Provence, France 10th November 2007 Ghent Peter Lynen João Roquette
Mr Peter Lynen University of Aachen, Germany 7th November 2009 Tel Aviv Neil Mosley Bertrand Robert
Mr João Roquette University of Lisbon, Portugal 7th November 2009 Tel Aviv Neil Mosley Bertrand Robert
Mr Jos Clijsters University of Liège, Belgium 7th November 2009 Tel Aviv Neil Mosley Bertrand Robert
Mr Asbjørn Amundsen University of Oslo, Norway 6th November 2010 Barcelona Neil Mosley Bertrand Robert

Marco Obrist


University of Basel, Switzerland 10th November 2012 Lisbon Duarte Lopes Bertrand Robert
Mrs Pika Radmilovic University of Maribor, Slovenia 9th November 2013 Limmerick Duarte Lopes Bertrand Robert
Mr Neil Mosley Imperial College, London 8th November 2016 Malta Michelle Tanner Mel Parker
Mr Gerro Dijksma University of Groningen, Netherlands 8th November 2016 Malta Michelle Tanner Mel Parker
Mr Duarte Lopes University of Lisbon, Portugal 14th November 2017 Trondheim Michelle Tanner Mel Parker
Mr Arie Rosenzweig Tel Aviv University, Israel 14th November 2017 Trondheim Michelle Tanner Mel Parker
Mr Rob Cuppen Radboud University, Netherlands  13th November 2018 Neijmegan Mel Parker Bruno Almeida
Mrs Michelle Tanner Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 7th November 2019 Trento Mel Parker Bruno Almeida

To Our Dear Friend Asbjørn Amundsen

Who Was Asbjørn Amundsen?

We lost a dear friend and the life and soul of what ENAS stands for. It is with great sadness we mourn the loss of Asbjørn Amundsen.

Asbjørn was a pivotal member of ENAS and one of our ‘founding fathers’. He provided ENAS with a tremendous sense of fun as well as inspiration to ensure that all our clients enjoy taking part in sport and enjoy life. Asbjørn enjoyed the conference every year and was an excellent host when ENAS went to Oslo. He also did great work securing sponsorship for ENAS during his time as a member of the Executive Committee.

Within ENAS, Asbjørn was nicknamed “The Viking” and we enjoyed many occasions where he jokingly earned his name and lived up to his reputation as a loveable, funny, professional Sports Director. He will be greatly missed by us all. He is part of ENAS history and his gift touched all our lives.

R.I.P. – Asbjørn, you will be our coach forever!

How We Remember Asbjørn?

Join The Annual Asbjørn Cup Taking Place During The ENAS Forum & Assembly!

Every year, Asbjørn is remembered during the Asbjørn Cup which was first organised in 2011. The activity celebrates friendship, fun and team spirit. To Asbjørn!

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