On 18th June 2019, the interim meeting of the Erasmus+ funded GAME project took place in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

We asked Ines Lenze, who is our ENAS Ambassador for this project and attended the meeting together with Mel Parker, to report on her experiences during the meeting.

Can you explain very briefly what the project is about?

“This project aims at developing a „Serious Game“ to educate young athletes to resist Performance and Appearance Enhancing Drugs. This game will be published in 2020. The project lead from Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Vassilis Barkoukis, informed the project partners about the status quo of the project by looking at the different working packages.  The main theme of this meeting was to further develop the different gaming scenarios which can be played in „THE GAME“. The project partners discussed the drafts which are all based on sports-psychological and pedagogic science approaches. The main challenge is to create a serious game which raises sensitivity in young people towards the health damaging potential of performance enhancing drugs which is at the same time fun to play.”

Why do you think it is useful for ENAS to be present and to contribute on this topic?

“Questions of Performance and Appearance Enhancing nutritional supplements or drugs are very much present in the daily work of University Sports Services throughout Europe. To enable a discussion on Anti-Doping strategies to avoid misuse of substances among students and point to the health damaging, life long lasting consequences of taking chemical substances is one important value for ENAS. ENAS is one of six project partners with responsibility for dissemination activities, particularly towards the ENAS membership. The main outcome will be the publishing of “THE GAME” itself and promoting it to the member Universities of ENAS.”

Thanks Ines, we look forward to more news about the GAME project.

For more general information, please visit the project website.

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