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“Digital Innovation in University and College Sport”

New digital technologies are leading to major transformations in our society. They reshape our environment, our way of thinking and the way we do things, impacted by interconnections and intercommunication around the world. Millennials are our future target and, since they are born in a digitalised era, Universities including sport services and facilities must be ready to welcome them according to students’ digital abilities. Digitalization impacts on our approach to bureaucracy and to assignments in the workplace, no more so than within Universities and Colleges. Digitalization provides new opportunities to better manage, (self-)monitor, communicate and stimulate participation as well as performance in sport and physical activity.

For the 2019 ENAS Forum & Assembly, the University of Trento will focus on exploring some of the challenges and opportunities in this area, including the development of technologies for sport activities and digitalization of facilities.

While making our life easier in many ways, digitalization also challenges existing practices and necessitates a new and more flexible approach to sport and organizational management. Digitalization touches the field of physical activity and sport in many ways, with a distinct impact especially on five macro areas: management-organization, monitoring & self-monitoring, new gamification and e-sports, communication, employability. Join us in Trento and become a digital innovator for University and College sport!

Pre-Forum, 3-5 November 2019

Join us at the Pre-Forum, get to know the sport facilities of University of Trento as:

  • Boating Centre “Augsburgerhof”
  • Campus Sanbàpolis
  • Mattarello Sport Centre
  • Sport Corner in the Academic Facilities and our sporty break

Topics 2019

  • Digitalised organisations and management
  • Digital (self-)monitoring
  • Gamification and E-sport
  • New Communications
  • Methods
  • Digitalisation & Employability


UniTrento Sport is the university network of services and sports facilities in Trento and its province. For more information, visit our website

Hotels and Price

To be confirmed soon!



ENAS – Margo De Lange

Host – UniTrento Sport


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