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Are you an event manager? Keen on exchanging knowledge and ideas with your colleagues from all over Europe?  Do you want to expand your knowledge of large scale event management while exploring what it takes to organise European and International championships?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above then this training is for you. For the first time ever, ENAS is organising a staff exchange aimed at event managers involved in the organisation of large scale events under the heading  “Event management: What can we learn from organising large scale events and championships.” Exchange ideas and learn from your international colleagues through interactive presentation and hands-on workshops. Don’t miss it!


About The Host

The sport service and sport program in the University of Minho is recognized by Sports and Academic Authorities, at national and international level for the excellence of their facilities, quality of service and skilled and experienced staff. The program is planned for the academic community and is fully orientated to the needs and expectations of the University: Students, Staff and Professors. In the academic year of 2016/2017, more than 8,000 sports cards were issued, meaning that around 35% of the academic community were using the sport services.

Minho University sports service was created in 1995, and since then, has gained a lot of experience in organizing national and international sport events including: 1998 World University Futsal Championship, 2004 European Universities Volleyball Championship, 2006 European Universities Basketball Championship, 2008 World University Badminton Championship, 2009 and 2011 European Universities Taekwondo Championship, 2012 World University Futsal Championship, 2012 Chess and Futsal World University Championships, 2014 World University Handball Championship, 2015 European Universities Handball Championship, 2014 World University Karaté Championship. The Portuguese national federations of Basketball, Futsal, Handball, Badminton, Karate and many other sports use the University of Minho’s facilities to host national and international events on a regular basis, as well as for training.

In 2018, University of Minho, will host the World University Cycling Championship, and in 2019, the European Universities Futsal Championship.


Fees & registrations



Programme & Practical Information

Event takes place from 26-28 February 2018.
Arrivals on Monday 26 February before 18:00.
Departures on Thursday 1 March (all day).

Click on the previews below to download the PDF document for the full event programme and practical information.


[gview file=”http://enas-sport.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/20180205_ENAS_Minho_Programme_Update.pdf”]


[gview file=”http://enas-sport.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/20180205_ENAS_Minho_PracticalInforamtion_Update.pdf”]

About Braga

Braga is one of the youngest cities in Europe (considered the youngest city in Europe in 1989), making it a dynamic and energetic city. In the past 30 years, the district’s population has grown by over 25%. The district of Braga shows development and quality of life standards above the national average, only surpassed by the regions of Greater Porto and Greater Lisbon. There are plenty of ratios and statistics to support this. Allied with that is its strategic geographical position which make this Portuguese district one of the most appealing regions for investment.​

Braga also offers unique cultural and leisure opportunities with its nightlife, cinemas, theatres, exhibitions, museums and art galleries. It is a city full of culture and traditions, where history and religion coexist side by side with the technology industry and academic life.

Braga is one of the oldest Portuguese cities, as well as one of the oldest Christian cities in the world. It was founded in Roman times, under the name of Bracara Augusta and, today, it boasts 2000 years of history as a city. Located in the north of Portugal, in the Cávado Valley, Braga has roughly 174,000 inhabitants. It is the centre of the Great Metropolitan Area of Minho (GAM), which has a total of approximately 800,000 inhabitants.

When Portugal as a country was constituted, Braga was its only city. Braga is one of the oldest Portuguese cities, founded in Roman times, under the name of Bracara Augusta. It boasts 2000 years of history as a city. It is also one of the oldest Christian cities in the world. Remains of settlement in Braga date back thousands of years, certified as belonging to the Bronze Age.

Thus, the history of Braga can be divided in three periods: pre-history, Bracara Augusta and Braga.



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