On Tuesday January 30th, the European Commission and Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency (EACEA) held an Info Day about Erasmus+ Sport Programme and its funding opportunities.

There was a lot of very interesting speakers and topics that are very relevant to ENAS, our members and our projects.

On an extremely positive note, there will be €46 million allocated for Erasmus + Sport Programmes in 2018.

This sizable budget will allow approval for roughly 84 collaborative partnerships and 110 small collaborative partnerships.

There was an almost 50 approval rate of projects in 2017 but it was highlighted during the Info Day that there are a number of common mistakes made during the application process.

Some of these mistakes were: not uploading the annexes required, using outdated templates and goals of the project not corresponding to budget.

A quick poll on the ConnexMe App at the event showed that 61% of people in attendance were at their first Info Day, which has been running for five years.

They outline some important aspects of their website that would be invaluable to applicants during the process.

They include:

For 2018, there are nine priority topics which are divided into four groups which will be allocated a percentage of the budget.

o   Good Governance – 20%

o   Social inclusion – 30%

o   Physical Activity – 25%

o   Dual Career – 25%

They have also introduced a mono-beneficiary agreement for small collaborative partnerships as a further simplification of the procedure while there are also new E-Forms for submissions.

The position of UK participants in the programme will be dependant on the final agreement between the EU and UK. Based on this, the UK will remain a programme country or become a partner country. The impact will be judged on a project by project basis.

For further information or to view the recordings from the day, visit here.

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