On 4-6 of February the ENAS President Mr. Mel Parker and the ENAS Development Manager Andrea Castagna took part in the first Active Campus Europe (ACE) project meeting of 2020.

ACE is an international Project of University Sports with the aim of promoting day-to-day exercise as well as increasing well-being and quality of life with university daily life. The coordinator of the Project is the RWTH Aachen Academic Sport Service (Hochschulsportzentrum der RWTH Aachen), a research university of technology located in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Currently, sixteen universities and university sports institutions from seven different European countries participate in this project, which is subsidized by the EU as part of Erasmus+. The aim of the meeting was to develop a new strategy for the future of the Project and involve new partners in the Project. Feedback from the Project application ACE II was introduced, Project’s design and finances were discussed.

During intensive schedule of the meeting, we had an opportunity to see the University Sports Show: once a year all of the sports groups of the Aachen University Sports Center show their abilities. An entertaining and exciting show was held, with some martial art demonstrations, artistic acrobatics of the aero wheel, Oriental dances and lots of other highlights offered, thanks to the extensive students involvement on this evening.

If you want to know more about the ACE project you can visit the official ACE Website.