On 1st of August 2019, Andrea Castagna started working as our new ENAS Development Manager, permanently replacing Margo de Lange from 1st September onwards. After his first month in his new office, we asked Andrea to share his firsts impressions.

Can you tell us a bit more about your first month?

My first month as Development Manager was a great experience for me. It is very interesting and exciting to become part of ENAS family. I have already had the opportunity to travel a lot as I went to London at the Middlesex University, where I met the ENAS president Mel Parker. Also, I visited the University of Trento where I worked closely with the University’s team on the logistics and the programme for the 2019 ENAS Forum. We are definitely on a good track with the organization of the Forum and I am sure that we will organize a memorable event.

What impact are you hoping to make for ENAS?

I hope to bring my skills and experience in the field of European Affairs, particularly related to education and youth. Having worked in Brussels for more than two years, I would like to create more opportunities for ENAS and increase its visibility as a European network. Also, we recently set up a new ENAS office in Brussels to work more closely with the European Institutions.  I hope this will also help ENAS to get more involved in European Projects. For instance, we recently got involved in the Erasmus+ project “Digi Sporting” which aims to support sports organizations and academies to give further steps towards digital transformation. I believe that this kind of projects can be a great added value for both ENAS members as they can contribute to creating more networking prospects for Academics sports services.

What are the main difficulties you are facing? What are you currently working on?

I have to say that my handover period was During these weeks, I am focusing very much on the Forum in Trento.  I have experience in organizing big events across Europe but I want to ensure that the 2019 Forum in Trento will be a great and valuable event for all the participants.

Do you want to personally get in touch with Andrea Castagna? Feel free to send a note to andrea.castagna@enas-sport.net and introduce yourself!

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