In April of this year, ENAS partnered with Universal Fitness Innovation and Transformation (UFIT) for a three day event in Tralee, Ireland around the topic of inclusion.

The idea of the staff training was to encourage professionals in the fitness industry to ensure that their class schedules, facilities and other activities were doing all that they could to include people with disabilities.

At the end of the three days, the participants were afforded the opportunity to sign the Marseille Declaration: a document that encourages all those who serve, operate and shape the fitness sector to enabling the participation of people with disabilities.

Since then, ENAS has encouraged our members to take the time to study and sign the Marseille Declaration and make facilities more inclusive.

Last week, Paolo Collini, rector of the University of Trento in Italy, signed the Marseille Declaration.

He was then followed by Fernando Remiao, pro-rector of the University of Porto in Portugal followed suit by signing the declaraion.

We encourage any other ENAS members who want more information on the Marseille Declaration or who would like to sign it and pledge their support to inclusion to get in touch by emailing

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