On 9 April, Eamon Glavin and Margo de Lange found themselves together in person for the first time since the annual ENAS forum in Münster, Germany, along with 30+ instructors from around Europe. Following his time at the ENAS Experience, he made a short video recapping the packed days of sessions.

The ENAS Experience Aftermovie

ENAS: Can you describe the ENAS Experience?

Glavin: The ENAS Fitness Experience Münster focused on making the attending group of instructors more well rounded and affective in their fields, as well as with the new skills and approaches to bring back to their our university. The two day conference was split into four main sessions: performance, health, communication and strength training. We had some of the most knowledgable speakers on each topic, including Dr. Ralph Schomaker, Greg Ross from Core Health and Fitness, and the electric Marco Kramer-Davis.

The setting for the experience was top notch as well! Münster is a beautiful city and filled with young and energetic life from the universities. We had four straight, picture perfect days, where the entire group commuting around the city  on our bikes through the winding streets and bike highways.

ENAS: What is useful to attend the event? Why? What where the outcomes of the event and in what way do the outcomes of the event affect University Sport?

Glavin: The Münster Experience was definitely of great value for the instructors that attended and engaged in the sessions. Whether the instructors came in a group or on their own, the flow of ideas and exchange of tactics benefitted each and every attendee. Since all these instructors spend so much time with clients in a very personal manner, giving them new skills and confidence in approaching their work will directly result in a benefit to the gym member or client. As the instructors return to their universities, they are armed with more information on how their colleagues in other countries might approach a similar issues. Networking is always one of the most important parts of these experiences, as any one of the instructors can reach out to their colleague across the continent and see how they’d approach an issue.

ENAS: Can you give three pieces of advice that can benefit other ENAS members on basis of the topics of the event?

Glavin: 1) Take a much more careful look into how you organize your gym and workout class spaces! Imagine the gym in the eyes of a new member beginning their journey to a fitter lifestyle. When they walk into the gym for the first time, seeing some large, loud, muscular weightlifters throwing heavy barbells around might turn them off track before they begin!

2) Remember to draw a line in the sand for between where your fitness trainer job ends and personal life begins. We discussed in detail about how instructors spend so much one on one time with their clients, that sometimes a client will become comfortable enough with the instructor and begin to overload personal issues and woes onto their instructor. Be sure your instructors aren’t trying to shoulder the burdens of their many clients as it leads to further issues and a mentally fatigued instructor!

3) If you have a German HIIT class instructor like Marco Kramer-davis, be prepared to sweat!

Bonus Tip) If you ever visit Münster, be sure to bike around the city instead of driving!

ENAS: Was there a remarkable quote? Did something funny happen? Was there a big discussion on a certain topic you did not expect?

Glavin: During the closing minutes on the session regarding communications, we had an intense in depth conversation about mental illnesses (such as anorexia) and their role in helping get recognising and the disease, approaching the gym member, and even setting up systems and programs to help their members overcome the issue. It was pretty inspiring to see how much each instructor cared about their students and clients in a manner I hadn’t thought about past physical well being – but also mental well being.

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