May 22 and 23 the Sports Service of the Radboud University in Nijmegen organized the first ENAS

Fitness Experience. Almost 60 fitness instructors from 21 member universities from 11 different

countries attended these two schooling days. The program contained a presentation, a guided

tour, lectures, workshops and a social evening with bowling practice. It was a lot of learning and a

lot of fun. Thanks to ENAS and some sponsoring the all in price per person for a two night stay in

Nijmegen was only € 175,- (shared room) or € 250,- (single room). The attending instructors were

very enthusiastic and really screamed for more. The Nijmegen team hopes that they will spread the

word that it is of great value to organize and to attend this kind of professional exchange. Not only

for fitness, but also for other parts of our profession. Who will be the next to organize an event like

this? We hope you feel challenged to do so.

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