On 28 June 2018, ENAS took part in the second meeting, out of a total of three meetings planned, of the European Advisory Board for the European Sector Skills Alliance for Sport (ESSA Sport), led by EOSE (European Observatoire for Sport and Employment), EASE (European Association of Sport Employers) and UNI-Europa (European Services Workers Union).

The ESSA Sport Consortium is funded by the EU to undertake a real analysis of labour market and skills needs/priorities for the whole sector, to identify realities and challenges of employment and employability in the sport sector and to provide an action plan for the future to address the skills and education gaps.

The specific aims of the project are to:

  • Undertake a desk research (to identify labour markets, sport systems, education and qualification systems,…)
  • To conduct an EU online employers survey on skills needs
  • To ensure wide consultation at National and EU level (bottom-up approach)
  • To define and understand the sector (realities, skills needs, tendencies,…)
  • To identify priorities for action at National and EU level
  • To establish a sustainable network of stakeholders and a work plan

Following the identification of the size and labour market of the sport sector led by EASE, referring to 2016 statistics and ISCO and NACE economic classification, the total employees with a sport specific occupation in (ISCO 342* NACE 931) and outside the sport sector (ISCO 342*NACE other) in Europe are 908.137 (I+II – see image below).

By including all the other employees in sport organisations (NACE 93.1), EOSE calculation of the total sport workforce in Europe is approx: 1.700.000 (I+II+III – see image below)

We look forward to investigating what percentage of the sport sector workforce is represented by ENAS. You can help us with that by filling out the ENAS Benchmark in 2019 and the Employer Survey for the ESSA project to be circulated at a later stage.

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