ENAS Benchmark 2019

Let us collect together!

This year we are organizing the third ENAS benchmark. The benchmark was officially launched at the ENAS Forum in Nijmegen on the 16th of November. In 2015 we reached more than 50% of ENAS’ members, covering 18 out of 21 countries with ENAS presence. The participating universities represented more than 1.2 million students. In 2019 we hope we can do even better. To achieve this, we need you!


  • To demonstrate the importance of university sports
  • To compare with other (similar) universities or regions

What is in it for you?

The results can help:

  • you make strategic decisions
  • you in your daily business
  • provide the necessary background in contacts with university boards


You can complete the survey by clicking the button above or think link here. A preview of the questions in PDF can be found through this link. For a review of your answers in 2015, feel free to contact us. If you have any questions or are experiencing any technical difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us at benchmark@enas-sport.net.

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