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Project closed, participants will receive the results!

In 2012, ENAS first held a benchmark to gather information about the sports centers of the member institutions of ENAS. Click here to see the 2012 Benchmark questionnaire.

Last year in September, we did it again! Marnix Hiemstra, who conducted the benchmark as a part of his graduation project, developed a new (shorter) set of questions and launched the 2015 survey to update the 2012 data.

An Executive Summary of the 2015 Benchmark results will be made available to all ENAS members. The full results are anonymously presented to each participating sports service. These results will give the universities strategic information, that can be used for the daily business of the sports services and in contacts with the university boards. A personalised factsheet was also provided to every participating institution to further visualise their positioning in the European Student Sport landscape.

The ENAS EC also gets strategic information from the survey, that it can use to strengthen the position of ENAS in favor of all its members. For this reason, we have developed a factsheet in collaboration with Marnix. See bottom of page.

Available to all ENAS members:
Download 2015 Benchmark Questionnaire here.
Download Executive Summary here.
Download the ENAS Factsheet here.

For participating members:
Request the full report and your personal factsheet by e-mail to
Download Explanation Personal Factsheet here.



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