Last but not least, we have our final shortlisted institution: Tilburg University.

Their project is called ‘Tilburg University Vitality’ focusing on creating a healthier and happier work force.

HR and the sports center made a plan to mould a passive way of sports participation into a vitality program, which is more than just sport, and promote this actively.

Funding was quickly arranged once it was viewed how successful the program could be when all the individual elements were grouped together.

After a successful pilot, the Executive Board have extended the funding for five years ensuring a positive future for ‘Tilburg University Vitality’.

They have presented to every department in the University, acquired ambassadors and also organised a ‘Health Week’ with a variety of activities and more.

So that completes our shortlist of ENAS Award finalists, don’t forget that all delegates at the ENAS Forum & Assembly will be invited to vote following presentations of each project.

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