On 25- 28 th September 2019 ENAS President Mel Parker attended the European University Sports Association (EUSA) Conference & General Assembly in Aviero (Portugal). The EUSA event is an annual gathering of the National University Sports Federation representatives, as well as invited guests representatives from aligned organisations and formal partners.

Following the strategic goals of EUSA, the main aim of the assembly was to adopt changes in the EUSA Statutes and regulations. The modifications came as a result of discussions with members, partner organisations and other stakeholders, including ENAS.

EUSA has been advocating for university sport for more than 20 years and its goals are very connected with ENAS’ mission.  “EUSA have specified in their new strategy the objective of working more closely with ENAS, and we believe, there are some mutually
beneficial opportunities in working together more closely, which could be explored further.” said Mel Parker after the conference.

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