ENAS is very happy to announce a new speaker for the 2019 ENAS Forum in Trento taking place between 5 and 8 November 2019: Duncan Jones.

Duncan is Chief Operating Officer of British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS). He has spent the last two years revolutionising the digital services provide by BUCS to university staff and students in the UK. In September he launched a competition management platform across 53 sports and over 180 institutions, with integrated communications streams, web services and financial management. Prior to that, Duncan co-founded upshot.org.uk to help not-for-profit organisations better manage and evidence the impact of their funded work.

His contribution will focus on his own experiences as Chief Operating Officer, with a specific focus on how universities can increase participation in sport, and improve the quality of physical activities to deliver improved health and well-being and other social outcomes.

You can find more information about Duncan on his Linkedin Page: Link.

More about the ENAS Forum and about the other speakers: visit the #ENASTrento2019 page

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