On May 15th and 16th, Duarte Lopes represented ENAS at the 4th meeting of the COM XG Skills in Lisbon, Portugal, hosted by the National Sport Institute (IPDJ, POR) and European Union. We quickly caught up with Duarte.

ENAS: What was the event about?

Lopes: It was about the education of coaches, as well as qualifications and skills in sport.

ENAS: What is useful for ENAS to attend the event? Why? What where the outcomes of the event and in what way do the outcomes of the event affect University Sport?

Lopes: There were several opportunities to collaborate with colleagues, from higher education institutions and other organisations. There was plenty of direct contact for potential ENAS members too. We were able to understand better the trends for coaches training and the overall market for our services, as well as for our sport schools.

ENAS: Can you give three pieces of advice/wisdom you learned form the meetings that can benefit ENAS members for the future?

Lopes: 1) Learning mobility will be a key component of the next Erasmus Programme 2021-2027 and would allow sport staff in general to acquire new skills and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices.

2) The next meeting will be October, 29, in Brussels. But there were two colleagues that were interested in organising the meeting as Portugal did, so date and place can change to be somewhere different, such as Italy or Estonia.

3) If available, we should bring ENAS brochures and/or Conference brochures that can be distributed during an even like this!

ENAS: Was there a remarkable quote? Did something funny happen? Was there a big discussion on a certain topic you did not expect?

Lopes: There was one really nice activity was attended by all participants, put on by one of the speakers, about the importance of communication and understanding each other. We all found it pretty funny and useful!

Glad to have Duarte flying the ENAS flag for us!