ENAS is involved in a European Project called Digi-Sporting and we are currently asking coaches, fitness instructors, technical staff, sports managers of clubs, sport or technical director of sports organisations to fill a survey.

Digi-Sporting is a multi-stakeholder and collaborative partnership project develop under European Union’s ERASMUS+ program. Its objectives are:
-to expand the training offer in technological skills in the world of sports
-to tackle skills’ gaps and mismatches to avoid wasting much of the potential offered by digital transformation
-to create educational contents and practical tools adapted to the world of sports

In accordance, it will be critical to understand and assess the effective/concrete use and usefulness of technology in clubs, academies (grassroots sport), sport associations and/or fitness centres.

To that effect, we will be grateful if we can count with your know-how and expertise as an experienced person within sport organisations.

In this perspective, please find hereafter a series of questions relating to different aspects of technology and competencies.

The questions are available in different languages:

-English Version https://forms.gle/JmWvRb4Vgp1i33JM8

-French Version https://forms.gle/CL51KHBtM5qeJd9EA

-German Version https://forms.gle/NShqTCrTQVMPjVsm7

-Greek Version https://forms.gle/QHtTctz9HmduJZ1C8

-Italian Version https://forms.gle/zHUn4pTv7r1v1fz3A

-Portuguese Version https://forms.gle/YNafNNkvpkrdVkPW8

-Spanish Version https://forms.gle/vn35dAQMBNMmnfWt6