Dear ENAS Members,

We hope you have been enjoying a successful 2019 so far and as the University exam season fast approaches, wish you and your students well for the final months of the academic year.

At Core Health & Fitness, we have had a productive year to date, working with our global education partners to deliver new facilities and support their development of education and course programming. In relation to this, we have recently released the results of an exciting HIIT Case Study, demonstrating the importance of considering equipment, education and member engagement, when developing fitness facilities and designing programming. Please visit the link below to access this HIIT Case Study:

In Münster, we recently had the pleasure of being part of the ENAS Fitness Experience – hosting a session on ‘Strength Training For All’. This session focused on how University sports facilities can develop inclusive and engaging environments for strength training. Congratulations to Münster University and ENAS for organising such a great event, we look forward to being involved at the next of these ENAS events…

If you would like further information on how Core Health & Fitness can support your University sport and fitness service provision, please contact Greg Ross on, +447824858681.

We wish you all a successful end to the 2019 academic year.

Many thanks,

Greg Ross
ENAS Account Manager

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