Coaching office Mental Health will open two new locations in February 2017 in Tilburg and Eindhoven. The concept has successfully been tested in Nijmegen and was awarded with the Fontys ‘Think Bigger’ prize. Also Aachen (Germany) has showed serious interest in this initiative. This became clear during the annual ENAS (European Network of Academic Sports Services) conference, which took place from November 9 till 11 in Malta.

Due to the Fontys ‘Think Bigger’ award the Radboud Sportcentre has decided to nominate the project for an international (ENAS) award. Unfortunately the project did not win, however Nicole is very positive: “We received a lot of positive responses afterwards. Next year the project will be entered again.”

Except compliments, visiting the conference also produced another result. Nicole: “Fontys is now a member of this European Network. This is interesting for both Applied Psychology as well as HRM since we want to expand in the Netherlands, as well as abroad.”

The goal is to get more coaching offices at different Universities. Mental health has become an indispensable part of society and fits well in the sports directed settings like sportcentres at universities. According to Nicole the good thing about the sportcentres in universities is that both students and employees of those schools and different institutions are getting together. “That’s why it is a great thing that Eindhoven and Tilburg have opened a coachingsoffice.”

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Nicole Ebben

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