On May 22 to 24, Catarina Sampaio of the University of Porto, had to opportunity to travel to European Week of Sport Key Players’ Seminar in Sintra, Portugal.After being hosted by the “IPDJ” and the European Commission, we caught up with Catarina Sampaio after her conference.

ENAS: What was the forum about?

Sampaio: Communication strategy of the European Week of Sport. Draw a common strategy between all the key players of the week of sport. Presentation of the visual identity and guidelines, social media strategy and objectives, 2019 campaign objectives. Presentation of the #beactive opening ceremony, that will be in Espoo.

ENAS: What is useful for ENAS to attend the event? Why? What where the outcomes of the event and in what way do the outcomes of the event affect University Sport?

Sampiao: This event can give ENAS some ideas about what the Universities members can do at the European Week of Sport. This week is all about doing something to be active and be part of a movement that will change people’s minds abou physical activities. So, we can spread this word to our members. Call them to action, to do something diferent at this week on their sport service. But I think that would be nice to call the members to do an event together, like a “ENAS Be Active RUN and Walking” (something easy to organize, just symbolic like 5/6km…). Or “open doors” of the sports service at the week.

ENAS: Can you give three pieces of advice that can benefit ENAS members on basis of the topics of the event?

Sampaio: 1) Organize an event at the EWS and use the #beactive and the European commission logos

2) Social networks it’s now the best way to spread the word and to promote your events.

3) Storytelling – try to share unique and different stories at your websites and social networks about sports and physical activity. That will create bonds between your community.

ENAS: Was there a remarkable quote? Did something funny happen? Was there a big discussion on a certain topic you did not expect?

Sampaio: The team building was great and at the beach. In the end everybody went to a swim at the sea.

Sounds like jam packed couple of days with tons of useful info about engaging the audience better!


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