[12. – 15. June] 9th Eurokonstantia 2014

In 2006, the Academic Sports Service of the University of Konstanz arranged for the first time an international sports tournament with basketball, soccer, handball and ultimate frisbee. The so called Eurokonstantia entered the international scene of student sports tournaments.

Now for the ninth time in succession the international sports tournament will take place. We are looking forward to welcome various German and international university teams. Beside the many competitions there will be a huge variety of cultural activities such as CityNight, RockNight and ClubbingNight …

The Eurokonstantia combines competition in sport and joint leisure time. With this concept the Eurokonstantia successful proves its aim to make new friendship across national, religious and cultural boarders and also the Eurokonstantia helps to overcome old-fashioned politicical prejudices.

How to register:
Now it’s time for you to start the registration process. To do so, just use our booking site. If you need assistance during this process you may contact us:

Write us on facebook
phone: mon-fri (9am-11:30am):
+49 7531 882590

We offer you various kind of accomondation options. The information you need you will find in the pdf-leaflet, on our website and for sure on facebook.

If you choose one of the hotel-options make sure: You have to book the hotel on your own and make the payment in advance because you will need the invoice for the appointment at the embassy. We will also assist you calling for a Schengen Visa, but the appointment with the German Embassy must be made by you at least six weeks before your journey starts.

We are getting ready for you:
We asked our crew to give us short statements what they are doing right now to make the 9th Eurokonstantia again an unforgetable event for you and your team.

Sports-Team: “More teams, more matches, more competition, more fun!” – Annika Schoe

Event-Team 1: “Right at the moment we are setting up all the details for the RockNight. Usual Suspects and Zim & Zucker will be playing live for you!” – Tanja Skorski

Event-Team 2: “We just ordered a pool to upgrade our leisure area for you” – Julia Grimberg

Event-Team 3: “Your favorite “Döner”-booth will be ready for you this year again” – Lisa Biedenbaender

PR-Team: “Our next step is to get our website updated for you.” – Marius Keller

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