As you probably know, the ENAS 2019 Forum will take place in Trento, a lovely and fascinating city in the northern regions of Italy that sits on the River Adige. The highly developed capital of the region Trentino-Alto Adige is also a bustling university town with lots to see and do. We asked the LOC Team in Trento to give you 5 reasons why you should definitely join ENAS at the upcoming Forum & General Assembly there.


  1. Trento is a small but wonderful and historic town, right in the heart of Trentino – Alto Adige and of the Dolomites. You will discover a thriving region, with a unique natural landscape, full of sports opportunities and potentialities.
  2. The University of Trento is working hard to make university sport a relevant part of its students’ lives. You will visit our facilities and share the enthusiasm of our Team in making it all happen.
  3. It is the first time ever that an ENAS Forum&Assembly takes place in Italy! It is, therefore, an awesome opportunity to come visit our beautiful country. Let’s convince other Italian universities to join ENAS by showing them how many wonderful members and endless networking possibilities they can find within our association.

  4. If you are not convinced yet, you should consider this: not only will we host the F&A 2019 but, in the same days, we will have in Trento both the general assembly of UNISPORT ITALIA (the newly constituted Italian network on university sport) and the periodic meeting of the European Commission Expert Group on Skills and Human resource development in sport. As you can see, we are trying our best to give the Forum’s participants the best networking opportunities.
  5. Last but not least, this year’s theme is Digitalisation. It is such a current and controversial topic that it is impossible not to get involved! We all recognize the importance of university sports life: nowadays, if we really want to invest in it, we should definitively start and encourage a common discussion on the benefits and risks of the ongoing digital revolution.

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